David Ianni
My Urban Piano

With his current projet "My Urban Piano", which will extend far into 2018, David Ianni presents a clear musical vision that underlines his passionate commitment to the idea of Europe. 

The pianist and composer from Luxembourg is taking his compositions onto a journey of adventures that will lead him to twelve European Capitals of Culture. David will dedicate one piece, respectively, to every episode of his journey and every city, and he will interpret every single composition on site, playing a different, individually designed piano. Every performance will furthermore be recorded as a video that highlights the musical composition as well as the specific local surroundings, which will be spread via social media platforms.

There can be no doubts that "My Urban Piano" is a new chapter in the artistic career of David Ianni, but on top of this, the musician also proves his worth as a savvy performer who elevates the concept of Europe and European cultural identity onto a new and multifarious level. On top of that, he clearly uses the channels of social media to provide a visual backdrop to his musical endeavours (alongside the videos, there as also numerous snapshots posted on Facebook and Instagram) and offers descriptive anecdotes on the blog of his homepage. Of course the "musical ambassador of Luxembourg" will release his twelve compositions as an album once his project "My Urban Piano" is completed. Europe could count itself blessed if there were more dedicated artists like David Ianni.

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Agrément n°2017/031 décerné par le comité directeur du Fonds culturel national lors de sa réunion du 12 juillet 2017.